China Telecom Group Yellow Pages Information Co Ltd

Founded in September, 2002 as a wholly owned subsidiary company of China Telecom Group, China Telecom Group Yellow Pages Information Co., Ltd. is the authoritative yellowpages publisher in Shanghai, Zhe Jiang, Jiang Su, and Beijing. Also the largest online and print yellow pages service provider in China.
Company Details
Company Name: China Telecom Group Yellow Pages Information Co Ltd
Address: 28F, 1666 Si Chuan Road(N)
City: Shanghai, 200080
Country: China
Telephone: (8621) 3608-9999
Fax: (8621) 6364-1566
Year Founded: 2002
Company Contacts:
  • Wang Wei /

Major Printed Directories
  • Grand Y.P., County Y.P.s, English Y.P. / Shanghai
  • Grand Y.P., County Y.P.s / Zhe Jiang Province
  • Grand Y.P., County Y.P.s / Jiang Su Province
  • Grand Y.P., English Y.P. / Bei Jing
  • China Grand Y.P. / Cover Above Areas
Online Directories
  • LOCOSO: major internet yellow pages platform of China Telecom Yellow Pages
  • Mobil Yellow Pages: Yellow Pages Mobil App from China Telecom Yellow Pages
Other Products and Services
  • Call Center
  • Direct Marketing