Toppan Leefung Printing Limited
(Hong Kong)

Toppan Leefung Printing Limited is the premier printer in the region. It’s known for top quality magazine printing in China. Its strategically located web plants in Beijing, Shenzhen and Shanghai coupled with centralized management provide clients with consistent multi-location printing and worry-free contingency plans. In recent years Toppan Leefung has become the printer of choice for most regional directory publishers.
Company Details
Address: 20th Floor, 169 Electric Road, North Point
City: Hong Kong
Country: China
Telephone: 852-2810-6801
Fax: 852-2810-5572
Year Founded: 1973
Company Contacts:
  • Mae Zhao / SVP – Marketing / Tel: +86 21-6891-5183 / Fax: +86 21-6891-5110 /

Major Printed Directories
  • Sensis Pty Ltd: Major supplier to Sensis Metropolitan Directories
  • Directories Philippines Corporation: Major supplier to DPC’s Manila and other major city directories
  • Mauritius Telecom: Sole supplier for Mauritius Yellow and White Pages
  • GTE Brunei: Printer of Brunei Directory
  • Yellow Pages Ink: Printer of Guam and Saipan Directories
  • MMRD Publications: Major supplier for Myanmar trade directories
  • Directel Macau: Printer of Macau Directories
Other Products and Services
  • Trends Group: Bazaar, Trends Health; Good Housekeeping; National Geography; Robb Report
  • Rayli Advertising: Rayli Fashion & Beauty; Rayli Pioneer
  • Hearst: ELLE; ELLENMEN; Marie Claire; Home Deco
  • Conde Nast: Vogue; GQ; Traveler
  • Noblesse: Noblesse
  • Tatler: Tatler Shanghai
  • Lianban: CBN Weekly; Grazia