NTT TownPage Corporation

Consignment of the following operations on behalf of NTT EAST & NTT WEST: Publication of telephone directories, such as TOWNPAGE and HELLOPAGE

Independent business operation utilizing the telephone directory database such as “i-TOWNPAGE”.

Data collection for directory information and various related information, as well as the building and development of databases said information.

Information technology business such as consulting, planning of products and services, development, sales.

In 2019, we launched "Digital Lead“, a new digital marketing service for SMBs that utilizes websites. We have comprehensive marketing solutions across digital and print, for helping small local businesses to large-scale businesses.
Company Details
Address: 3-8-8 Toranomon, Minato-ku
City: Tokyo, 105-0001
Country: Japan
Telephone: +81-3-5776-4100
Year Founded: 1998
Company Contacts:
  • Norio Sakai / President
  • Hiroyuki Misumi / Senior Vice President
Major Printed Directories
  • Townpage (Classified Directory) throughout JapanHellopage (Alphabetically ordered Directory) throughout Japan
Online Directories
Other Products and Services
  • Sales of various databases
  • Information technology business
    • Consulting, planning of products and services, development, sales
    • Collection of various information related to phone number, construction of database systems of various information