The ALSMA Executive Insights Series

The Executive Insights series involves single topic interviews with leaders local search from around the APAC region.
These interviews will be candid, informative and insightful. 

Episode One: James Ciuffetelli, former Executive General Manager, Sensis (Australia)

The inaugural episode features an interview with James Ciuffetelli, former GM Digital at Sensis. James offers an assessment of the lessons learned from the directory industry’s multiple transformations over the course of his 30+ year career. 

James relieved some pivot points where the industry made choices that sealed its long-term fate. One of these pivot points was the emergence of Google and the industry’s failure to mount an effective response.  “Because we all stayed so isolated in our own markets, we failed to take advantage of the benefits of global scale,” James said. “And we all ended up adapted our games to their model." James now consults for large organizations on how to manage through transformation and change. 
James Ciuffetelli

TikTok and short video: Emerging opportunities for SMBs

In ALSMA/SIINDA 2020, Matthew Brennan gave a in-depth presentation on TikTok and short video. The speech covered the followings: the Background of short video and live stream e-commerce, market size, user numbers, growth etc.; SMB case studies of TikTok and live stream platforms in China; marketing best practice/pitfalls; and future projections.

The video will be available soon...

Matthew Brennan, China Tech | Speaker | Writer | WeChat & Tencent Specialist

Matthew is a speaker and writer focusing on Chinese mobile technology and innovation. His opinions are regularly featured in global media such as Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, BBC, The Financial Times, CNBC. Matthew has been based in mainland China for over 16 years, speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese and organizes China’s largest WeChat digital marketing conference for international companies.

Matthew has delivered presentations for companies including Google, Tencent, DHL, NBC Universal, Boston Consulting Group, LinkedIn, Schneider Electric and L’Oréal Group as well as for a large number of industry association conferences. He delivers a combination of inspiration and insight into the new wave of Chinese digital innovation.

Matthew Brennan