Join ALSMA and Websplanet for a vibrant afternoon tea break on November 5th, 2019

ALSMA is delighted to announce our Silver Sponsor Websplanet for AsiaComm 2019.

Websplanet has been a supportive partner to ALSMA and AsiaComm conferences since 2017. It is proud to bring a vibrant afternoon tea break to all attendees this year. Mark your date and join us in the afternoon of November 5th, 2019 at Ho Chi Minh City. Start with a glass of signature cocktail and indulge yourself in the delicious Zebra Croissant, Apricot Financier, Rueben Sandwich and Spinach Frittata prepared by the in-house bakers fresh from the kitchen. The Oreo Cookie Tower and the Choco Banana Lolli Pop will be the perfect desserts to close this relaxing break.

WebsPlanet is the leading developer of online presence solutions. For almost 15 years our partners - Telcos, Directories, Domain registrars, Web hosting companies and others have been leveraging our solutions to offer online solutions to their SME customers.

In recent years WebsPlanet has been developing a new PaaS solution called Cosmos. Cosmos is a unique, white label commerce platform that enables service providers to sell 3rd party SaaS applications alongside their own digital products and services in an efficient and seamless framework.

Cosmos is much more than a marketplace. It is an integrated, functional tool for SMB’s to manage their business online. For service providers, this promises to increase ARPU, reduce churn and operational costs, speed up Time-To-Market as well as provide endless flexibility, a superior UI/UX and secure your company’s relevancy with every market trend.